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the label

Vitro Atelier is a contemporary and independent accessories label conceived in 2018 by Greek born, London based Architect-Designer, Loukia Iliopoulou. 

Vitro Atelier introduces wearable curios for the modern and daring woman who embraces unconventional materials and unique-handcrafted designs that cannot be found on the high-street.

Acrylic glass (Plexiglas) is our primary material of choice as it is animal-friendly and  extremely versatile; it can be cut and molded into  intricate shapes and unusual forms.

​We are big supporters of the synergy between digital fabrication and fashion. Hop on and join us in our exploration journey!

the '20 collection

The first SHADOW PLAYERS collection reinvents the classic clutch bag -popularized by Hollywood's socialites in the '20s and '30s- by introducing the idea of transparency, three-dimensionality, depth and play with light.

With patterns inspired by traditional and modern architecture, from wooden lattice screens in Kashmir to Art Deco railings in Paris and metallic lanterns in Morocco, each clutch is a show stopper looking different from each angle. 

We strive to balance innovative and practical design and size our products based on today's needs. All of our clutches fit the latest smart -phone releases and other beauty essentials.

the making

The patterns are conceived and designed in our London-based studio using computer-aided design software. The prototyping phase for every annual collection usually lasts 6 months, when many iterations are explored.

The acrylic glass is custom-made in limited quantities, specifically for our collection, by a local manufacturing unit in Greece, to avoid producing material in excess. 

 Every clutch consists of  50 pieces (on average) which are cut by high-precision laser cutters and hand-assembled by talented makers in a local fabrication lab in Athens.

slow fashion: limited quantities

We consider carefully the process and resources required to make our products and we strive to be fully aligned with the sustainable and slow-fashion movement.  

Vitro Atelier releases only ONE collection every year consisting of carefully curated pieces. We are committed to creating quality garments, which last and can be worn season after season.

By limiting our production, we aim at minimising the environmental impact caused by the massive production of  synthetic materials, such as Plexiglas. 

Our philosophy in a nutshell

the material: acrylic glass

Acrylic glass is a thermoplastic material (PMMA), meaning that after being formed, it can be melted down again and re-used, making it 100% recyclable. It was invented in 1933 by Otto Röhm, the founder of the plastics company Röhm and Haas. Röhm tried to create a lamination between two glass plates to increase the glass resistance, but instead he found that he had developed a completely new glass-like material, suitable for limitless applications. 

nominations- awards

Since its launch, Vitro Atelier has garnered the attention of many fashion organizations. In 2018 it has been nominated for the "Best overall style and design" handbag of the year by the Independent Handbag Designer Awards organization based in NYC.  In 2019, it has been awarded an Honorable Mention for the "Best Signature style" product, in the global design awards competition held by Etsy (20,000 entries).  

  • Unique, one-of-the-kind design, not like anything else on the market

  • Handmade product with luxury feel

  • Limited quantities produced- more exclusivity for our customers

  • 100% recyclable materials

  • Sustainable production

  • Slow-fashion

  •  Repair service provided*

  • Direct access to the designer- makers

  • Carefully crafted packaging, ideal for gifts (branded box, thank you notes, velvet dust bag)

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